Saint Gaudens Press is excited to announce Kevin E. Ready's new novel VIRAL

This is popular fiction saga of a pandemic and the actions taken by people around the world to fight the pandemic. The story is told from the viewpoint of several key characters in various countries and walks of life. It includes realistic descriptions of the gruesome disease and heartfelt substories of the characters as they deal with the pandemic.


A woman of science must step up and become a leader and, hopefully, a savior. A first responder finds himself fighting for the lives of thousands. Valiant medical workers face near impossible tasks while risking their very lives. A health worker must trace the origins of the gruesome disease—he not only finds its source, but also its most innocent victim.


The well-researched story tells the tale of genuine people dealing with extraordinary times. The reader can expect a detailed view of a world  gone awry and realistic depictions of disease and human struggle.



VIRAL by Kevin E. Ready Print ISBN: 9780943039572 Ebook ISBN:9780943039589 Available in all bookstores and online sites. Distributed by Ingram

A viral pandemic presents a nightmare of disease, death and unheard of challenges...

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